The experience of dosing and mixing

Unique technical knowledge, fruit of nearly forty years’ experience, in the food, chemical and powder industries, metallurgy, cosmetics, building & civil engineering.
Parimix offers solutions to all your projects: treatment, handling, dosing, extraction, filling and mixing of all your products: powders, pulverulents, liquids, doughy and viscous.

Mélangeur en continu
Mélangeur discontinu
Doseur volumétrique
Doseur pondéral

Business areas

With experience of over 48 years,Parimix has developed repetitive applications in France and abroad. These applications relate to the areas of food, chemicals, cosmetics, construction.

Bâtiment & Travaux Publics
Chimie & Cosmétiques

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Mixtures of powders, viscous mixtures, incorporations powders into liquids… Parimix developing for 40 years of industrial mixer ranges, batch mixer, batch mixer, in-line mixer, continuous mixer. The Parimix mixers are designed to adapt to the industrial environment and rely on simple and effective technologies.

Continuous mixer
Discontinuous mixer

The Parimix dosers are designed for powdery products, difficult powders, highly viscous products. The need for accuracy in the industry requires work on gravimetric dosers, volumetric dosers or stabilized. The metering is an essential element of the industrial process, being the guarantor of respect for the recipe.

Volumetric doser
Weighing doser
Big bag dispender
High viscosity doser

The multi-spiral powderer have been specially designed to extract, dose and spread steadily and consistent product in pieces, granules or powder on a recovery item.


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